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Here are some books from Amazon:

Disclosure: Products details and descriptions provided by Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this website.

How To Plan Out Your Web Design: The Plan Before The Plan

By James Girardi

Released: 2016-03-28
Kindle Edition (40 pages)

How To Plan Out Your Web Design: The Plan Before The Plan
Product Description:

It's all in the planning

Too many first time web designers are learning basic coding before learning what they are trying to accomplish. In the book, Web Design: The Plan Before The Plan, author James J. Girardi shares his planning phase of websites before ever writing a line of code.

TOPICS COVERED: In this book we cover the basics in website planning including:

Updated content now included in this book. More ways to gather content for your website, how to utilize WordPress as your web platform and how to better optimize your website for increased traffic.

  • Accomplishing our web design goal

  • Best ways to gather content

  • What are keywords and how to use them

  • Getting ranked high without paying for it

  • SEO and SERPs

  • Review writing

  • stacking up against your competitors

  • organizing images and pictures

  • how to effectively use whitespace

  • 6 of the more popular web design layouts

This book is the perfect stepping stone and foundation building step towards creating a professional looking website. Unlike other beginning books on Web Design, Web Design: The Plan Before The Plan gives the "why" behind the "what".

Before you start your next web project, learn what to do by downloading this book. Thanks in advance.

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

By Jon Duckett

Paperback (490 pages)

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites
List Price: $29.99*
Lowest New Price: $9.89*
Lowest Used Price: $7.09*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 02:52 Pacific 26 Apr 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Wiley
Product Description:
A full-color introduction to the basics of HTML and CSS from the publishers of Wrox! 

Every day, more and more people want to learn some HTML and CSS. Joining the professional web designers and programmers are new audiences who need to know a little bit of code at work (update a content management system or e-commerce store) and those who want to make their personal blogs more attractive. Many books teaching HTML and CSS are dry and only written for those who want to become programmers, which is why this book takes an entirely new approach.

  • Introduces HTML and CSS in a way that makes them accessible to everyone—hobbyists, students, and professionals—and it’s full-color throughout
  • Utilizes information graphics and lifestyle photography to explain the topics in a simple way that is engaging
  • Boasts a unique structure that allows you to progress through the chapters from beginning to end or just dip into topics of particular interest at your leisure

This educational book is one that you will enjoy picking up, reading, then referring back to. It will make you wish other technical topics were presented in such a simple, attractive and engaging way!

This book is also available as part of a set in hardcover - Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, 9781119038634; and in softcover - Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, 9781118907443.

Web Design All-in-One For Dummies

By Sue Jenkins

Brand: For Dummies
Paperback (688 pages)

Web Design All-in-One For Dummies
List Price: $44.99*
Lowest New Price: $24.51*
Lowest Used Price: $13.79*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 02:52 Pacific 26 Apr 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:

All you need to know on web design in a thorough new edition

If you want just one complete reference on web design, this book is it. The newest edition of this essential guide features 650+ pages on the latest tools and new web design standards, such as HTML5, CSS 3, and other core technologies and page-building strategies. Five minibooks provide deep coverage: essential pre-design considerations, how to establish the look of your site, building a site, how to test your site, and taking your site public. Design professional and author Sue Jenkins understands what designers need and gives you the answers.

  • Thorough revision brings you up to date on the latest changes in the world of web design
  • Features five minibooks that cover all the bases: Getting Started, Designing for the Web, Building the Site, Standards and Testing, and Publishing and Site Maintenance
  • Covers the latest tools, page-building strategies, and emerging technologies, such as HTML5 and CSS 3
  • Includes over 650 pages of detail on such topics as establishing audience focus, creating content, using mock-ups and storyboards to establish the look, how to design for text and images, testing your site, and more

If you're looking for an in-depth reference on all aspects of designing and building a site and taking it live, Web Design All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition is the book.

How To Start A Profitable Authority Blog In Under One Hour: Write About What You Love, Create A Website, And Make Money

By Passive Marketing

Released: 2015-09-01
Kindle Edition (71 pages)

How To Start A Profitable Authority Blog In Under One Hour: Write About What You Love, Create A Website, And Make Money
Product Description:
Neil launched in 2013 in an effort to document his journey from escaping the 9 to 5 grind to earning a full time living from the internet. 6 months later, his first blog was earning more than his retail job which he decided to quit and focus on blogging.

These results are not typical, but this book will go over the complete steps to setting up a profitable authority site which you can use to creating your first website and earning supplemental income.

*Who was this book written for?*

This book is written for people who are looking to start blogging and those people looking to create a website. It will also be helpful to those who are already blogging but not making money from their efforts.

*Who this book is not for:*

If you are looking to start a website and get rich overnight, look elsewhere. You will need to be dedicated and work hard to achieve desirable results.
While this book gives valuable information to those who are already making money blogging, if you making thousands of dollars a month, it was not written for you and might move a bit slow.

*Topics covered in this book:*

•Who Am I?
•Step 1: Picking A Niche
•Step 2: Keyword Research
•Step 3: Setting Up Your First Website
•Step 4: Writing Content For Your Website
•Step 5: Collecting Emails
•Step 6: Content Promotion]

You will learn how these 6 steps to starting a blog can be done in under an hour while learning about the basics of blogging in WordPress. You will also get access to the exact tools that are used every day by websites across the world.

Learn how to start your blog today, get started, and within the next 60 minutes, you should have a fully functioning website. This is the most comprehensive book about how you can start a blog which will hold your hand every step of the way.

Learning Web Design: A Beginner's Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

By Jennifer Niederst Robbins

Paperback (624 pages)

Learning Web Design: A Beginner s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics
List Price: $49.99*
Lowest New Price: $29.77*
Lowest Used Price: $9.75*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 02:52 Pacific 26 Apr 2017 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:

Do you want to build web pages, but have no previous experience? This friendly guide is the perfect place to start. You’ll begin at square one, learning how the Web and web pages work, and then steadily build from there. By the end of the book, you’ll have the skills to create a simple site with multi-column pages that adapt for mobile devices.

Learn how to use the latest techniques, best practices, and current web standards—including HTML5 and CSS3. Each chapter provides exercises to help you to learn various techniques, and short quizzes to make sure you understand key concepts.

This thoroughly revised edition is ideal for students and professionals of all backgrounds and skill levels, whether you’re a beginner or brushing up on existing skills.

  • Build HTML pages with text, links, images, tables, and forms
  • Use style sheets (CSS) for colors, backgrounds, formatting text, page layout, and even simple animation effects
  • Learn about the new HTML5 elements, APIs, and CSS3 properties that are changing what you can do with web pages
  • Make your pages display well on mobile devices by creating a responsive web design
  • Learn how JavaScript works—and why the language is so important in web design
  • Create and optimize web graphics so they’ll download as quickly as possible

WordPress Made Super Simple - How Anyone Can Build A Professional Looking Website From Scratch: Even A Total Beginner: Wordpress 2014 For The Website Beginner (Super Simple Series)

By Jack Davies

The Do-Not Press
Released: 2013-12-25
Kindle Edition (93 pages)

WordPress Made Super Simple - How Anyone Can Build A Professional Looking Website From Scratch: Even A Total Beginner: Wordpress 2014 For The Website Beginner (Super Simple Series)
Product Description:

WordPress Made Super Simple

Want to create a website but think it will be too difficult?

I'll show you the simple way to create a blog or website using WordPress…

Updated to include WordPress 3.9.x

You don't have to be a computer nerd to create a beautiful, full-functioning website in 2014. Website expert Jack Davies will take you by the hand and show you how anyone (even a beginner) can easily create a wonderful website using the power and beauty of WordPress 2014.

WordPress For Beginners: Everything You Need to Know & More…

What experts Jack Davies and Sarah Wylie teach you in this easy to understand WordPress Kindle eBook:

  • Exactly how to register your own domain - and the mistakes to avoid
  • How to get the best hosting – we reveal the hosting companies that WordPress actually recommends you use
  • How to get WordPress installed and up and running with a few mouse-clicks
  • Exactly how to design and build a 100% professional-looking website - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY
  • How to add and format your content
  • How to use graphics and images
  • Exactly which themes, plugins, and widgets you should be using
  • Everything explained in simple, easy to follow stages - this really is WordPress for beginners

… and plenty more practical help and advice… "The secrets of WordPress for dummies and everyone else without a degree in HTML coding!"

Plenty of screen-shots and illustrations

No Waffle or Wasted Words - Just the Information You Need to Build Your Dream Website or Blog Using the Power of WordPress

Want a professional-looking website up and running in a few hours? But you don't want to pay expensive designers to do the job for you? The solution to your problems is WordPress and Jack Davies and Sarah Wiley's new book, WordPress Made Super Simple - How Anyone Can Build A Professional Looking Website From Scratch: Even A Total Beginner/em>. 

Please check out the free "LOOK INSIDE" preview to see how valuable this Kindle eBook will be for you.

IMPORTANT: up-to-date and optimized for the very latest release of WordPress - get it NOW!

Learn to Create Websites Easily: (A Step by Step Guide)

Released: 2016-12-29
Kindle Edition (53 pages)

Learn to Create Websites Easily: (A Step by Step Guide)
Product Description:
Types Of Websites……………………….....................
Let’s Start……………………………………................
Four Requirements…………………………..........…...
Make a Website using Ready-made Scripts...….......
Create Websites Using WordPress and Blogger.........
Websites Using WordPress…………………………....
What you need..................................................................
Installing Script................................................................
Setup Basic Wordpress Settings.....................................
Customizing Your Theme................................................
Websites Using Blogger…………………................……
Why Blogger is Best……………………...........……….
Disable Comment in Blogger.........................................
Programming Languages...............................................
Learn HTML...................................................................
Learn CSS.......................................................................
Link Resources...............................................................

How To Create A Website - A Step By Step Guide

By Brock Hamilton
Released: 2012-11-28
Kindle Edition (119 pages)

How To Create A Website - A Step By Step Guide
Product Description:


Create A Professional Website In Less 30 Mins...Regardless of your age, background or experience!

Let's be honest. Creating websites can be a scary thought.

It is probably the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of people starting an online business. Technical jargon like HTML, SQL, PHP, CSS, FTP make it all sound very complicated.

This book was written specifically for people who are looking to get a great looking website setup, fast and with a minimum of fuss and complications.

It will show you the shortcuts that a lot of professional web designers use in order to produce professional looking websites in a fraction of the time it would usually take.

Who is this book for:
  • Business owners looking to build a basic website for their business
  • People who want to create their own blog (on their own domain)
  • Company owners looking for a simple solution to having an online presence.
  • Anyone who wants to build a website for a personal hobby, or club they belong to.
  • Anyone who wants to build a content website and make money online.
  • And pretty much anyone else looking for a fast, simple way to get a website up and running.

Who is it not for:
  • This is book is not for you if you are looking for a complicated, in depth explanation of programming or web design.
  • This book was specifically designed for beginners, looking for a fast, easy way to get a website up and running.

Learn exactly how to build your online presence step by step, through a detailed and structured process that makes it so easy that anyone can now have a website they can be proud of.

And not only that, but if you are having trouble and need some personal assistance with your site, I am available via email or through my website, & I'm happy to help you with whatever you need.

This book will save you hours of time and frustration, if you simply follow the proven blueprint that I have laid out for you.

Here is just a glimpse of the skills you will have after reading this book:
  • Choose & register your domain name (find out exactly what you need to know to choose the right domain name for your particular situation)
  • Set up your website hosting (choosing the wrong hosting company can create a lot of headaches down the track. There are certain things that you need to know before you make a decision, and I will show you how to get it discounted as well)
  • Configure your domain & web hosting (this is a nightmare if you have never done it before, but I have made this process super easy for you.)
  • Install Wordpress on your website (you will be shown a drop dead easy method that literally takes about 30 seconds - and is idiot proof)
  • Customize your website's look & feel (To personalise your website you will need to install selected themes and plugins, but unfortunately some of these are full of viruses and malware that can infect your computer - find out which ones are really necessary to have, and are also safe to use)
  • Add pages and posts to your website (Posts and pages are not the same thing - discover what the differences are, and how to use them)
  • Connect with social media (you will want to do this to increase your traffic and exposure, and to build your own online community)
  • Track your website statistics (you will want to know how your site is performing and to keep track of various trends.)
  • Protecting your website against hackers (the last thing you need after working really hard to create a great site, is to have a hacker break in and destroy it.)
There is no need to worry if you don't think you have the knowledge or experience. The entire process is laid out for you, step by step and is very easy to follow. And, this includes screenshots and detailed instructions - so you won't ever get lost.

You are now only a few steps away from having access to the website design blueprint that I personally use myself, to build my own sites.

And of course don't forget you can always contact me if you are stuck on anything.

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies

By David Karlins

Brand: For Dummies
Paperback (816 pages)

Building Websites All-in-One For Dummies
List Price: $34.99*
Lowest New Price: $20.56*
Lowest Used Price: $14.01*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 02:52 Pacific 26 Apr 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Used Book in Good Condition
Product Description:
Ten minibooks in one! The perfect reference for beginning web builders

This hefty, 800+ page book is your start-to-finish roadmap for building a web site for personal or professional use. Even if you're completely new to the process, this book is packed with everything you need to know to build an attractive, usable, and working site. In addition to being a thorough reference on the basics, this updated new edition also covers the very latest trends and tools, such as HTML5, mobile site planning for smartphones and tablets, connecting with social media, and more.

  • Packs ten minibooks into one hefty reference: Preparation, Site Design, Site Construction, Web Graphics, Multimedia, Interactive Elements, Form Management, Social Media Integration, Site Management, and Case Studies
  • Covers the newest trends and tools, including HTML5, the new Adobe Create Suite, and connecting with social media
  • Offers in-depth reviews and case studies of existing sites created for a variety of purposes and audiences, such as blog sites and non-profit sites
  • Walks you through essential technologies, including Dreamweaver, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and more

Plan, build, and maintain a site that does exactly what you need, with Building Web Sites All-In-One For Dummies, 3rd Edition.

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design: Designing Great Web Sites is Not Rocket Science!

By Jason Beaird

Paperback (220 pages)

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design: Designing Great Web Sites is Not Rocket Science!
List Price: $39.95*
Lowest New Price: $19.26*
Lowest Used Price: $15.21*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 02:52 Pacific 26 Apr 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Sitepoint
Product Description:

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is the ideal book for people who can build websites, but are seeking the skills and knowledge to visually enhance their sites.

This book will teach you how to:

  • Understand what makes "good design," from discovery through to implementation
  • Use color effectively, develop color schemes, and create a palette
  • Create pleasing layouts using grids, the rule of thirds, and symmetry
  • Employ textures: lines, points, shapes, volumes, and depth
  • Apply typography to make ordinary designs look great
  • Choose, edit, and position effective imagery

And lots more...

This easy-to-follow guide is illustrated with beautiful, full-color examples, and will lead you through the process of creating great designs from start to finish.

The third edition of this book has been greatly revised and now features:

  • Updated and expanded coverage of mobile and responsive web design (RWD)
  • A new sample project
  • New sections on user interface and icon design
  • Common user-interface patterns and resources



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