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Resources for Pay Per Click Search Engines

Pay Per Click search engines are search engines where you pay to be listed on relevant keywords. The charges are based on the number of clicks that your listings receive, as well as your "bid" which is the amount that you are prepared to pay per click. (for free listings, see Search Engine Resources).

On this web site, you will also find the following pages that may be helpful:
Here are some other resources and web sites to help you with pay per click search engines: Related Web Sites: See Also:
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Here are some books from Amazon:

Disclosure: Products details and descriptions provided by Our company may receive a payment if you purchase products from them after following a link from this website.

Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Ultimate Series)

By Richard Stokes

Entrepreneur Press
Paperback (240 pages)

Ultimate Guide to Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Ultimate Series)
List Price: $21.95*
Lowest New Price: $13.76*
Lowest Used Price: $2.12*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 14:46 Pacific 18 Feb 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Millions compete for exposure on Google and Bing but 99% of them fail to get results.

As the founder of leading digital intelligence firm AdGooroo, search advertising authority Richard Stokes is in a unique position to reveal what’s going wrong and provide solutions to fix it.

Using proven strategies from today’s search advertising elite, discover how to drive significantly more traffic to your site, dramatically increase click-through rates, steal impressions from competitors, boost your conversions, and increase your sales by unbelievable amounts.

Since the previous edition, there have been a number of revolutionary changes in paid search. First, we are increasingly searching from our cell phones rather than desktop computers. Second, Google is no longer the only game in town. Bing now accounts for 30 percent of all U.S. searches. Finally, "search extensions" have become a powerful new technique you can use to collect phone numbers and email addresses with your ads, limit your ads to certain times of day, deliver coupons to nearby customers, and even provide handy "call me" buttons that are displayed only on cell phones. In this new edition, Stokes details all this and more.

SEO 2019: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies

By Adam Clarke

Released: 2014-09-09
Kindle Edition (229 pages)

SEO 2019: Learn search engine optimization with smart internet marketing strategies
Product Description:

Learn SEO strategies to rank at the top of Google with SEO 2019, from beginner to advanced!


No matter your background, SEO 2019 will walk you through search engine optimization techniques used to grow countless companies online, exact steps to rank high in Google, and how get a ton of customers. First, let me tell you a little secret about SEO marketing...

Most of the search engine optimization advice on the Internet is wrong!

If you've browsed through search engine optimization advice online, you may have noticed two things:

- Most SEO advice is outdated or just dead-wrong.
- Google's constant updates have made many popular SEO optimization strategies useless.

Why is this so? Google are constantly evolving. Some recent changes:

1. August, 2018 - Google releases an industry changing update, with some sites showing up to 50% decreases or increases in traffic, later titled the "Medic Update" or "Your Money or Your Life Update."
2. July, 2018 - Google announce's Speakable markup, making it easier than ever to target voice search results.
3. March, 2018 - Google's game-changing "Mobile First Index" is rolled out, completely overhauling how the search results are calculated.
4. January, 2018 - Google announces their "Speed Update" rolling out July, 2018—targeting sites with slow mobile load speeds.

SEO 2018 covers these latest updates to Google's algorithm and how to use them to your advantage. This book also reveals potential changes coming up in 2019. With this best-selling SEO book, learn SEO from a fundamental level, achieve top rankings, and generate a wave of new customers to your site.

Discover powerful link building techniques experts use to get top rankings

Link building is the strongest factor for ranking high in Google. Unfortunately, most widely-used methods suck! This chapter walks you through new powerful techniques that won't get you in hot-water with Google. Now updated with more link building strategies, and extra tips for advanced readers.

You will also discover:

1. Important SEO concepts, from beginner to advanced.
2. Sneaky tricks to get local businesses ranking high with local SEO.
3. The inner workings of Google’s algorithm and how it calculates the search results.
4. How to find “money” keywords that will send customers to your site.
5. Basic and advanced link building strategies for pushing your rankings up higher.
6. Six insider sources to get expert SEO or Internet marketing advice worth thousands of dollars, for free.
7. How to use social media and web analytics to multiply your results.

Sidestep Google search engine updates in 2019

Contrary to Internet marketing gossip, problems caused by Google updates are rarely irrecoverable—but you need the right knowledge. This book reveals:

- The inner mechanics of Google's algorithm, and how to rank your site at the top.
- Recent Google updates—Google's Medic Update, Speakable markup, Google's Mobile First Index, Google Speed update, Google Hawk update, Accelerated Mobile Pages, and more...
- Potential changes coming up in 2019.
- How to safe-guard against penalties in 2019 and beyond.
- How to recover from Google penalties.

And read the special bonus chapter on pay-per-click advertising

In this special bonus chapter, learn to quickly setup pay-per-click advertising campaigns with Google AdWords, and send more customers to your site overnight, literally.

One of the most comprehensive SEO optimization and Internet marketing books ever published—now expanded and updated—of all best-selling SEO books, this is the only one with everything you need. Scroll up, click buy, and get started now!

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)

By Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd

Entrepreneur Press
Paperback (380 pages)

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
List Price: $24.95*
Lowest New Price: $15.76*
Lowest Used Price: $11.49*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 14:46 Pacific 18 Feb 2019 More Info)

Click Here
Product Description:
Covering the latest breaking news in Google AdWords, the fifth edition introduces revised, expanded and new chapters covering Enhanced Campaigns, Google AdWord’s Express, Google’s Product Listing Ads, and the introduction to Google’s Universal Analytics. Nuances in Big Data advertising are also revealed and expanded sections and necessary updates have been added throughout.

Updates specific to this edition include:
  • Powerful bidding strategies using remarketing lists for search ads
  • New ad extension features
  • Automation capabilities using AdWords scripts
  • Bonus Online Content that includes links to dozens of resources and tutorials covering: registering a domain name, setting up a website, selecting an email service, choosing a shopping cart service, finding products to sell, and starting up an Google AdWords account

    Readers are given the latest information paired with current screenshots, fresh examples, and new techniques. Coached by AdWords experts Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, and Bryan Todd advertisers learn how to build an aggressive, streamlined AdWords campaign proven to increase their search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks, double their website traffic, and increase their sales. Whether a current advertiser or new to AdWords, this guide is a necessary handbook.
  • Advanced Google AdWords

    By Brad Geddes

    Released: 2014-05-02
    Kindle Edition (468 pages)

    Advanced Google AdWords
    Product Description:
    The ultimate guide to Google AdWords is fully updated for its third editionThis is the ultimate guide for those who want to quickly get beyond AdWords basics to learn and apply the advanced techniques and tactics that are used by Fortune 500 companies. The book provides insight into AdWords' functionality and advanced features, explaining how they work and providing tips, tactics, and hands-on tutorials, which readers can immediately use on their own PPC campaigns.

    The third edition features more than 200 pages of new material, endless smaller updates, and has been completely revised to cover all the changes to Google's system, including changes to the campaign structure, bid modifiers, new quality score analysis techniques, and the latest ad extension updates. 

    Expert author and speaker, Brad Geddes, gives advanced insight, direction, and strategies for every aspect of using AdWords to create and manage a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign, and also shows you the best tools and techniques for keyword research, including negative keywords. In addition you'll:
    • Discover how to craft winning ads
    • Explore advanced PPC campaign optimization techniques Learn how to increase your quality scores
    • Explore the intricacies of the Display Network and remarketing
    • Learn how to use the AdWords Editor to easily scale your account by creating thousands of keywords and ads
    • Utilize advanced bidding strategies
    • Understand how to best organize and manage an AdWords account
    • Learn how to successfully test everything from landing pages to ads
    The book concludes with detailed chapters on understanding, interpreting, and acting upon the detailed AdWords reports so you can confidently make decisions to positively impact your campaigns. Advanced Google AdWords is detailed, in-depth, and full of insights, techniques, tips, tactics, and fascinating real-world case studies, making it the ultimate step-by-step guide for developing advanced AdWords expertise.

    Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies

    By Peter Kent

    For Dummies
    Released: 2011-02-23
    Kindle Edition (388 pages)

    Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing For Dummies
    Product Description:
    Plan and launch your PPC campaign and keep track of its progress

    If you want potential customers to form a traffic jam at your Web site, Pay Per Click just might do the trick. This book will help you decide! It tells you all about Google AdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search, targeting your customers, watching out for fraud, assessing the pros and cons of Pay Per Click, and making Pay Per Click work for you.

    Discover how to

    • Use the right keywords to trigger your ads
    • Figure your breakeven point
    • Write ads that reach your customers
    • Calculate return on investment
    • Use geo targeting
    • Track your ad results

    Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day

    By David Szetela

    Released: 2010-08-02
    Paperback (432 pages)

    Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day
    List Price: $29.99*
    Lowest New Price: $19.20*
    Lowest Used Price: $1.34*
    Usually ships in 1-2 business days*
    *(As of 14:46 Pacific 18 Feb 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:

    The complete guide to a winning pay-per-click marketing campaign

    Pay-per-click advertising-the "sponsored results" on search engine results pages-is increasingly being used to drive traffic to websites. Marketing and advertising professionals looking for a hands-on, task-based guide to every stage of creating and managing a winning PPC campaign will get the step-by-step instruction they need in this detailed guide.

    Using the popular An Hour A Day format, this book helps you avoid the pitfalls and plan, develop, implement, manage, and monitor a PPC campaign that gets results.

    • Successful pay-per-click campaigns are a key component of online marketing
    • This guide breaks the project down into manageable tasks, valuable for the small-business owner as well as for marketing officers and consultants
    • Explains core PPC concepts, industry trends, and the mechanics that make a campaign work
    • Shows how to perform keyword research, structure campaigns, and understand campaign settings and various pricing models
    • Discusses how to write ads, develop and test landing pages, use ad groups, and leverage Google's content network
    • Covers launching a campaign, bidding for position, monitoring, gathering results, and interpreting and acting on the data collected

    Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing: An Hour a Day provides the tools to make the most of this important marketing method.

    Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)

    By Perry Marshall & Bryan Todd

    Entrepreneur Press
    Paperback (314 pages)

    Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes (Ultimate Series)
    List Price: $24.95*
    Lowest New Price: $10.46*
    Lowest Used Price: $1.88*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 14:46 Pacific 18 Feb 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    • Entrepreneur Press
    Product Description:
    Google AdWords processes nearly 6 billion searches every day--making it a powerful Pay Per Click advertising medium your business can't afford to ignore.

    Online Advertising experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics specialist Mike Rhodes, present the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks of Search Engine Advertising that Google should teach you, but doesn't.

    This latest edition introduces revised, expanded, and new chapters covering Google Enhanced Campaigns, and Google's Product Listing Ads, as well as an introduction to Google's Universal Analytics.

    You'll discover how to:
    • Master Enhanced Campaigns, Google Shopping Campaigns, and Google Analytics
    • Implement online advertising bid strategies that keep you on budget
    • Triple your traffic with Google AdWords Display Network
    • Profit using local PPC advertising
    • Corner the second largest search engine with YouTube ads
    • Avoid costly mistakes made by most people in Pay Per Click advertising
    • Chisel your way into tough markets
    • Write killer internet advertising - and website copy that gets clicks
    • Determine what is and isn't working with Google's AdWords
    • Get Online Lead Generation that runs 24/7365
    • Know the principles that are essential to get Google AdWords Certification

    PPC: Learn Pay Per Click, Marketing and Advertising

    By Dennis Faidhi

    Released: 2017-10-08
    Kindle Edition (121 pages)

    PPC: Learn Pay Per Click, Marketing and Advertising
    Product Description:
    Pαy Per Click (PPC) is αn internet αdvertising system meαnt to direct online trαffic to pαrticulαr websites where the αdvertiser pαys the publisher α certαin price when αn αd is clicked. This is α brief tutoriαl thαt explαins how you cαn use PPC to your αdvαntαge αnd promote your business.

    This tutoriαl is primαrily going to help αll those reαders who αre into αdvertising αnd specificαlly those who αspire to mαke α cαreer in Internet Mαrketing.

    Before proceeding with this tutoriαl, you should hαve α good understαnding of the fundαmentαl concepts of mαrketing, αdvertising, αnd αnαlyzing product αnd αudience.

    Google Adwords - An Introduction: The Ultimate Guide To The Many Opportunities for the Pay Per Click Professional: For Your Business & For Your Career!

    By James Lynch

    James Lynch
    Released: 2015-07-12
    Kindle Edition (57 pages)

    Google Adwords - An Introduction: The Ultimate Guide To The Many Opportunities for the Pay Per Click Professional: For Your Business & For Your Career!
    Product Description:
    There is no time like the present to get into the Pay Per Click game.
    Whether you aspire to become a Search Engine Marketing PPC Professional or just want to learn more about Google AdWords Pay Per Click advertising to use it in your own business. PPC advertising can drive some really great - really targeted traffic to practically any website AND you can do it fairly inexpensively if you learn how to do it right.

    Google AdWords is most certainly the best place to start, as practically every other pay per click platform has in some form or another modeled its foundation around the basic AdWords type PPC concepts.

    What this book is about:
    Google AdWords - An Introduction, is a guide for you to run through and see if you think that Google AdWords is something you want to learn more about…

    This book is for you if:
    You would like to see at a very high level, how you can use PPC / Google AdWords to drive highly targeted traffic to ANY website.
    You're thinking about maybe becoming a Certified Google AdWords Professional and taking on clients of your own, and running their pay-per-click campaigns for them and GET PAID.
    You may be thinking about working directly for a business or advertising agency and running PPC campaigns for them as a Search Engine Marketing – PPC Professional.

    Becoming a Certified Google AdWords Professional opens many, many doors in the world of online marketing. I'll show you how to become Google Certified and get on the fast track to becoming a Search Engine Marketing - PPC Professional that is in extremely high demand in the digital marketing space today.

    This book may also be for you if:
    You find yourself at a crossroads and:

    1 - You’re stuck in a dead-end job: customer service, sales or otherwise and you’re wanting to improve your job status, career choices and your PAY.

    2 - You’re thinking about becoming an AdWords Certified Consultant serving your own clients as a consultant or at an agency.

    3 - You’re an entrepreneur, coach or business owner and you want to learn more about paid media buying to market yourself and your business online.

    This book is intended to help you to get a high level vision and overview of the Google AdWords & Pay Per Click Advertising.

    Whatever your current situation, this book will give you a taste of what it’s like inside the world of Pay Per Click Advertising. After reading through once or twice… YOU WILL KNOW IF PPC is right for you at this point and time in your business/career/life.

    What this book is NOT about.
    This book is not about the latest and greatest tips and tricks for using Google AdWords… I do offer extensive AdWords PPC training through my web site: - Both free and paid training can be found there. I just want to be 100% transparent with you and let you know that this book is not going to make you a PPC expert in one read. It's simply an introduction to the industry, either for the business owner / entrepreneur wanting to drive more traffic to his offerings or for someone thinking about becoming a Pay Per Click Professional as a career.

    Take a look inside at the table of contents before you order to see all that's covered...
    I guarantee you will find some great takeaways... gold nuggets and bonuses within.
    So please: Read, Relax and Enjoy!

    The Four Step Marketing Blueprint: The Marketing Guide Your Competition Hopes You’ll Never Find

    By Matt Law

    LMS Internet Corporation
    Paperback (87 pages)

    The Four Step Marketing Blueprint: The Marketing Guide Your Competition Hopes You’ll Never Find
    List Price: $9.95*
    Lowest New Price: $9.95*
    Usually ships in 24 hours*
    *(As of 14:46 Pacific 18 Feb 2019 More Info)

    Click Here
    Product Description:
    We’ve been brainwashed! The mega ad agencies, guru marketing consultants, and giant advertising networks have concluded that the problem is us. We haven't given the marketing enough time. They’ve told us we’re not spending enough money to see substantial results. They’ve fed us bogus reports about website hits, social followers, and other unimportant data that doesn’t matter. The cost of marketing continues to rise while its effectiveness and ROI continue to decline. Most companies have responded by banging loudly on their marketing pots and pans in hopes of getting noticed. However, the problem remains. As our world becomes more digital, the marketing noise keeps getting louder. It’s time to think differently and stop spinning our marketing wheels acting like everyone else. It's time to stop making noise just to get new customers' attention. Success will never be found by just "getting our names out there." In fact, most businesses could cut half of their marketing budgets without skipping a beat. The truth is, you don't need to hire more salespeople. You don't need more social followers. You don't even need more website traffic! What you need is a blueprint— a simple plan of action for your business. It’s time to focus your message and do marketing that matters. This short book outlines the four critical components of every successful marketing strategy. As you read, you'll suddenly realize there are businesses all around you applying these principles. They're quietly dominating their industries and are expanding at breakneck speed. Despite their success and how logical the Four Step Marketing process may be, most companies completely ignore all four of these timeless principles. Regardless of any preconceived ideas or what you've heard, you're sure to be challenged by this book. Written by an experienced team of entrepreneurial marketing executives, this fluff-free guide concisely outlines a refreshingly new and straight-forward approach to marketing. With less than 14,000 words, it’s the perfect little book for the busy entrepreneur or business leader looking for clarity and a winning strategy. In about an hour, you'll learn about the Four Step Marketing strategy and see why companies who follow these steps become unstoppable. Decide for yourself. Are you following or completely ignoring the Four Step Marketing process?



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